Multi Centre Holidays

Why stop at just one destination when you can choose two? Or three? Or four? Doing a multi-centre holiday can be great way to tick a few things off the bucket list in one unforgettable trip.

Many national airlines offer stopovers in the capitals of their country of origin and the airfare tends to cost the same as a connecting flight on the same day, so why not split your journey with an interesting stopover.  For example, Icelandair offer the opportunity to stay in Reykjavik for a few days en route to New York and Emirates will allow customers to stay in Dubai on the way to or from a host of fabulous destinations.

With a Multi-centre holiday you can combine your favourite destinations to create your dream itinerary.  You can divide your time between contrasting destinations, such as city and beach, or maybe top and tail your main destination with a flavour of somewhere new.  Why not combine a shopping trip in Dubai with a luxurious stay in Mauritius?  Or experience the craziness of New York followed by a party weekend in Las Vegas, the combinations are endless.
We can arrange island hopping itineraries in the Caribbean or Greek islands or classic routes throughout the world such as the USA’s Route 66 and India’s Golden Triangle.

Whichever countries you wish to explore we will recommend the best route and advise of places, modes of transport you may never have contemplated and “must do” activities along the way.