Far East

Where on earth can you find a more spectacular setting for your big day than the Far East?

The Far East is a captivating blend of the old and the new, so if you are looking for a memorable wedding and honeymoon then Brides and Beaches can give you expert advice on the ideal location and package for weddings in the Far East.

We understand that every bride wants her wedding to be a distinctive and special occasion. What better place to realize this than by considering the lure of weddings in Bali, weddings in Thailand and honeymoons in Malaysia?.

Multi-centre holidays are also becoming increasingly popular and will enable you to experience the wonderful diversity of this delightful part of the world.

Weddings in the Far East can be organised to suit a wide range of tastes, venues, and budgets.

At bridesandbeaches our unrivalled expertise in this area will provide you with a tailor-made solution at the most competitive price.

The Far East is a feast for the mind and soul, with its rich history and colourful culture, and conjures up images of exotic races and ancient traditions. Weddings and honeymoons here are truly wondrous, magical events and are imbued with a fairytale, enchanting ambience that is quite unique.

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Wherever in the Far East you choose you’re sure to enjoy its individual appeal and, with the specialist knowledge of the Brides and Beaches team, we’re ensure that your wedding holiday is one that you’ll treasure forever.