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As an independent travel agent we make impartial recommendations and always put customer’s interests first. Unlike many travel agents who primarily sell their own operator’s holidays, we are not owned by a tour operator. We have an extensive range of suppliers (big & small) and can offer holidays to any destination at highly competitive prices. Ordinarily, we will not charge you for our time/service and booking through us does not normally mean your holiday is more expensive than booking directly with a supplier.

Who pays for our time… would it be cheaper booking direct?

We are paid a commission by holiday providers, but only when we make a booking. That commission is not added to the cost of your holiday, it’s paid by our suppliers as a commission and if you book direct with them they normally keep that additional amount as their own profit. Whilst using our expertise does not cost you, please remember that until someone books with us, nobody is paying us for the time we spend on an enquiry. So please be fair and genuine if asking us to spend time on your enquiry. We are not a free information service.


Our price match policy allows you to book holidays through us that you may have seen advertised elsewhere online.  It gives you the reassurance of booking through your local travel company, who will ensure everything is correct.  We are readily available during our normal working hours and don’t have an expensive telephone number for you to call after (or before) you have booked.  We also answer emails promptly!

We will ask you for the exact details of the offer you already have – preferably by email or printout – so we can verify the price, quality of hotel, description and what it includes.  It is surprising the amount of times, in the past, we have been asked to match a quote which, after spending several hours on, have turned out not to be like for like.

We will endeavour to beat or match the price on a like-for-like basis, by shopping around our different suppliers to get the best available deal.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to match the price you have already been given (we will not sell holidays at a loss, as that does not make commercial sense!) for a small fee we will protect your booking under our ATOL license, giving you peace of mind that your holiday and all payments are safe. And should you have any problems on holiday you have the support of our, easily contactable, staff and the financial backing of our ABTA/ATOL licenses.

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